White Collar Boxing at Salomons Estate

White Collar Boxing at Salomons Estate


A big hearted boss to provide support for the firm’s brave champion. This means a table of ten can watch the on the big night, and your firm can raise money for your nominated charity. But only if you take part! Your champion will need to be trained and able to commit to the three-month programme to see them transformed into an athlete fit for this special tournament. We’ll supply the training and specialist support for them.


You need to propose your champion and support them throughout their training. It is a really tough transition to make; they will be thoroughly prepared and medically scrutinised over a three-month period. On the big night you can cheer them on with your guests as each boxer will have a minimum of a table of ten allocated for supporters. The supporters will enjoy a gala dinner and a compelling spectacle!


A fit, but could be fitter, member of your team. They must be able to train for three months prior to the event on the big night. We supply all they need, except the will to win!


Eighteen tables will cheer on eighteen boxers through their bouts. A gala dinner will be enjoyed by all the participating firms and their guests. Hopefully a great deal of money will be raised for good causes as a result. The Victorian Theatre at Salomons will house a ring for our champions and the tables for their entourage.


On March 17 Markerstudy ran a competition to seek a champion internally. We learnt that all the participants were champions! It was contentious because of the misunderstandings that surround boxing, which is a martial art, not a brawl or a fight. The event raised over £40,000 and ensured that our local Rusthall Boxing Club remained open for people to train at and improve themselves on many levels. By way of thanks Rusthall Boxing Club will be part of the team helping your champion enjoy this noble tradition. Again, this is all for charity; you choose which one.


Your champion will need to train three nights a week for three months: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 7.30pm – 9pm. Training will include: Skipping, shadow boxing, bag work, partner work, sparring and groundwork.

Fight night is Thursday 25 September 2014

For more information please contact Anna Hawkins, Commercial Events Manager. Telephone: 01892 774794. Mobile: 07712 320785. Email: ahawkins@markerstudy.com