The Lion King comes to Tunbridge Wells

From Inspiration to Realisation

Brinkoff & Mogenburg

If you’ve been lucky enough to see The Lion King musical in London, then you’ll know how spellbinding it is – throughout the show you’re left constantly amazed, wondering how on earth the set and puppets do what they do to create a real sense of being in the Serengeti.

But, if you haven’t seen it, or you want to learn more about the award-winning show, then you’re in for a treat, because from October 9th to 14th, Exploring The Lion King: From Inspiration to Realisation takes place at Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, as part of the Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival.

The fascinating exhibition will featuring some of the complete costumes, full-scale puppets and masks along with costume sketches and behind-the-scenes photographs, bringing to life the journey of how the legendary production made the transition from screen to the stage.

In addition to the exhibition, on October 13th, there’s a Presentation Masterclass, giving you the chance to join some of the team behind the London production of The Lion King, and learn how puppetry from around the world is used to bring the Serengeti to life on stage each night.

In honour of the event, we’re off to put The Circle of Life on repeat…


Exploring The Lion King: From Inspiration to Realisation runs from 10am to 8pm daily and is free to enter, with no booking required. The Presentation Masterclass runs from 12.30pm to 2pm and cost £5 per person. Book tickets at