Russian Cossacks at the Assembly Hall Theatre in March

Russian Cossacks at the Assembly Hall Theatre in March

Traditional costumes, 40 world-class performers and 1,000 litres of vodka – it could only be the Russian Cossacks dancing.

Experience entertainment like you have never before as theRussian Cossacks brings the Russian Cossacks performance to a theatre near you. From Friday 1st March until Sunday 21st April 2013, the impressive cast will be visiting 41 beautiful theatres spanning the length and breadth of the UK. Make sure you catch the Russian Cossacks dancing for an unforgettable show.

With original choreographies, this company of artists from the ballet, orchestral and choir genres have previously performed in Russia, Greece, Germany and other countries.  Amande Concerts is pleased to bring the Russian State Dance Ensemble of Astrakhan to the UK for the very first time.

The Cossacks fiery dances and songs are as true and honest as the souls of their country folk, exuding yearning, bravery, hope, love and passion.  Prepare yourself for a journey through Russian Folklore with dance and music to transport you the fields of Russia.

Once Russian State Dance Ensemble of Astrakhan established, they were very quick to build their repertoire of Russian and Cossack folk songs.  The troupe has now grown to 70 incredible artists – dynamic dancers, soulful singers and mesmerising musicians.

300 costumes have been crafted especially for the performance. Particular attention has been paid to the detail of ‘the Cossacks’ wonderfully traditional and elaborate costumes, opulent dresses and robes, all intricately designed to detail with veils, hairstyles and accessories to match, complementing the performances’ portrayal of a fine aged art form.

Come and witness the glowing vitality and immense warmth to live a Russian Cossack’s life, if only for a night.

Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells
Tuesday 5 March 7.30pm
Tickets: £18.50
Ticket office 01892 530613/ 532072