Our review of the Trinity Theatre’s The BFG

Our review of the Trinity Theatre’s The BFG

Friday December 13 saw the much-anticipated opening night of Roald Dahl’s The BFG at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells. One Media ladies Anna Hawkins, Gemma Hak and Laura Plane keenly attended, full of excitement at the prospect of revisiting their childhood…

David Wood’s stage adaptation utilises puppetry, live performers and motion animation to bring Roald Dahl’s popular story to life and the effects are startling, captivatingly effective. When the full scale version of The BFG was revealed, the audience – which included many youngsters who were surely experiencing theatre for the first time – were clearly impressed and many gasped in wonder. As The BFG, Matthew Springett worked in harmony with Abilgail Lumb as Sophie; both are passionate and convincing as the main characters.

While the recommended age for this show is eight-plus, we’re sure people of all ages would enjoy it. The audience have some close encounters with The BFG and there’s a mysterious feel to the darker scenes.

Dahl’s delightful use of nonsense language, combined with the enthusiasm of the actors and the interaction with the audience, makes for a family-friendly production which provides enough humour for adults, whilst remaining enchanting and entertaining for children.

The BFG is showing at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells until Sunday 5 January. For more information and tickets, see http://www.trinitytheatre.net/Whats-On/6617-/The-BFG