Five of the best local places to visit for National Wildlife Day

September 4th is National Wildlife Day and what better way to celebrate, here in the Garden of England, than by visiting one of our Local Wildlife Sites.

The Wildlife Trust works hard to protect different habitats, such as endangered species and ancient trees and there are over 460 sites in Kent, which make up around 7% of the county.

Brenchley Wood

Brenchley Wood

Located between Matfield and Pembury, this nature reserve covers about 8 hectares and is rich in wildlife. The woods are known for the ancient beech and oak trees that can be found.

Bough Beech

Bough Beech Reservoir (Sevenoaks)

This area cover the north part of the Bough Beech Reservoir and is a ‘haven for wildlife’ as well as one of the most popular bird-watching sites in the south-east.

Sevenoaks Reserve

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

The Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve has roughly the same amount of water coverage as it does land, including five lakes, ponds and woodlands.

Over two thousand species have been identified in this area, which is a great site for birds but also the mixed habitat attracts a lot of different wildlife.

Marden Meadow

Marden Meadow

This hay meadow has been designated as Kent’s Coronation Meadow as it has some of the best unimproved haymeadows in Kent.

There are also two ponds in the reserve.

Ivy Hatch

Ivy Hatch

Located near Borough Green, this is one of the smallest reserves in the area. It has several streams running throughout which means it is home to many wetlands.

Orchids are a common plant that is found here.