The new CROMA pizzeria at the ODEON, Tunbridge Wells

The new CROMA pizzeria at the ODEON, Tunbridge Wells

Opened in June, CROMA offers film fans in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas a delicious selection of affordable gourmet pizza in stylish surroundings.

The new pizzeria is located on the mezzanine level of ODEON Tunbridge Wells and specialises in handmade gourmet Neapolitan style pizzas baked in specially imported ovens using the finest ingredients.

The menu offers a great range of starters, pizzas, salads and pasta, not to mention a fantastic Pizzatini Children’s menu. The Pizzatini menu includes smaller portions of the larger dishes and even a kid’s cappuccino – a Cromacino, consisting of frothy milk dusted with chocolate. Catering for the whole family – now everyone can enjoy dining in style before settling down to see the latest film on the big screen.

CROMA have given the restaurant at ODEON Tunbridge Wells its own independent style by engaging the incredible talent of famous Italian Restaurant Designer, Enzo Apicella in order to help reflect its unique position in the cinema. Using cool neutral colours and sleek edges, Enzo has created a sophisticated environment that is welcoming to all and boasts an open kitchen which is the focal point for guests to see CROMA’s top class pizzaiolos creating the cuisine while they dine.

ODEON Tunbridge Wells’ new restaurant offering now means film fans can enjoy delicious food and fantastic films all under one roof. To help ensure guests relax and fully enjoy the wonderfully convenient new offering; tickets for the cinema can also be purchased from your CROMA waiter at your table while you dine – making a trip to ODEON Tunbridge Wells the ultimate cinema experience.

For further information call the restaurant on 01892 616837 or for cinema ticket bookings, visit ODEON’s website or call the ODEON Filmline on 0871 22 44 007.