Could you cope without water on tap?

Could you cope without water on tap?

This is the question posed by local charity Build Africa in their new online Water Challenge.  Take the short 5-question quiz to learn about the issues of accessing clean water in Africa, and £1 will automatically be donated on your behalf towards the installation of a water pump in a Ugandan school.

The new viral campaign is being launched by the organisation Build Africa, a small charity based in Tunbridge Wells, with the hopes of raising awareness and funds to help end water poverty in rural Ugandan schools.

2 million people, mainly children, die every year as a result of unsafe water and sanitation. By completing the Water Challenge and sharing it with family and friends, you will become part of the solution by providing clean drinking water for poor rural schools such as Kokwech Primary School.

Children at Kokwech School currently walk 2km from their school every day to an unsafe water source, missing vital lesson time and putting themselves at risk of a number of waterborne diseases. Your support could help us drill a borehole and install a water pump at Kokwech, benefiting 682 pupils and a further 818 men, women and children in the wider village.

Kokwech School is just one of the many schools Build Africa aims to help through the campaign. With your support, Build Africa hopes to bring clean drinking water to 28 schools in Uganda, benefiting thousands of children.

Do your bit – Take the Challenge and help bring clean water to a Ugandan school today!

Visit to learn more about Build Africa’s water campaign and how it is changing the lives of children and their families in rural East Africa.