Wedding Etiquette

I do’s (and don’ts)
The faux pas and foibles to avoid as a wedding guest…

DON’T wear white

Unless you are the bride, there’s zero reason wedding. With thousands of other colour options (and yes, cream still counts as white – don’t do it), there’s no excuse for rocking up to someone’s nuptials dressed like a knock-off bride. Even less acceptable is wearing your wedding dress to another wedding.

DON’T propose at someone else’s wedding

This seems like an obvious one, but we’ve all seen the viral videos…apparently some people aren’t aware that there are 364 other days in the year and deem it necessary to propose on someone else’s big day. This is never okay.

DO be appreciative

Weddings cost the bride and groom a pretty penny, so the least you can do is be grateful for being a part of their special day, rather than audibly complaining about the lack of canapés or the fact that the floral arrangements are setting off your hayfever.

DON’T share too soon

Sure, you captured a beautiful shot of the bride and groom having confetti launched in their faces, but it would probably be better to upload that and show the world after the event, rather than plastering it on social media before they’ve even taken their first sip of Champagne.

DO think of interesting questions

The bride and groom will be asked approximately 1million times on their wedding day where they’re going on honeymoon, or whether they’re enjoying the day. Ask something more inventive – they’ll be appreciative of the change in conversation.

DON’T ask inappropriate questions

The happy couple do not need to be hassled about their future child plans, or asked whether they could quickly make a last minute seating arrangement to accommodate for cousin Jenny’s new boyfriend. Happy thoughts and stress-free
comments only please.

DO take a gift

You don’t need to spend a fortune, but even a greeting card wishing the new couple well is more polite than
turning up empty handed and proceeding to tuck into a free three-course meal.

DON’T get too drunk

It’s all too easy to get carried away with the glasses of fizz at a wedding. Coupled with drinking for a long period of time and long gaps between eating, weddings can be many people’s downfall. But, remember there’s a photographer there, and they will capture every moment you’d rather forget.

DON’T bring uninvited plus ones

This should go without saying, but it definitely happens – if your significant other hasn’t been included on the invite, don’t just show up with them and hope for the best. Table plans and catering numbers are confirmed well in advance of the day, and you could risk a lot of red faces (mostly yours) if you choose to bring someone who isn’t supposed to be at the day.

DO plan ahead

If you have food allergies, or need to know where you can stay after the wedding, the big day itself is not the time to bring up these problems, especially with the bride and groom. Calling the bride ten minutes before you’re due to be at the church to tell her you’re lost is not her number one concern – plan ahead and save yourself, and others, a headache!