The Editor’s letter from the December issue

The Editor’s letter from the December issue

The other day a GP living in one of the villages called into our offices looking for back copies of the magazine. He’d apparently been reading SoTW since we launched in 2008 and had collected every issue apart from three. He was kind enough to say how much he loved the publication, that he was a subscriber and encouraged his friends to sign up to receive regular copies as well.

Now the purpose of telling this tale is not to press you to subscribe (although that would be nice) but to let you know of the impression it made on all of us here in So Towers. Sometimes you can lose sight of the bigger picture as you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of creating a glossy, lifestyle magazine. His visit reminded us that over the years we have become part of people’s lives; that those people support us month in and month out, by choosing to pick up copies of the magazine or by using it to promote their businesses through advertising.

Which is why, at this very appropriate time of the year, we’d like to say to all of you: Thank you – and may you and all those you love have a wonderful Christmas.

To help get you in the festive spirit we’re offering another inspiring package. For example, we’ve taken a slightly fresh approach to the 12 Days of Christmas, suggesting something uniquely different to do each day – and it’ll only set you back £140million.

We also have some great gift ideas courtesy of the best jewellers in town, a twitter interview with the man of the moment (Father Christmas) plus a few thoughts on where you might want to see in the New Year.

And if you want to give your business a bit of a boost to pay for everything we have that covered as well.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!