December letters

December letters

Sir, I’ll be honest and confess that Daniel Craig is not my favourite Bond – no one can really beat Sean Connery, can they? – but I was still interested by your cover story. It’s clear he’s actually a proper actor who wants to keep his career going outside the rather mindless action of the 007 films, so good for him. Though I suppose looking good in tight blue shorts doesn’t hurt…

Sarah Gregory
Via email

Ed: Yep, those blue shorts certainly catch the eye.


Just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of the team here at Gravetye for the fantastic food review in the November issue .Damian has surpassed himself! For want of better words, ‘he hit the nail on the head’. We have worked tirelessly at bringing Gravetye back from the brink without losing everything that was amazing about it in the first place. We feel he summed that up beautifully, and seeing it in print, makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thanks again.’

Celine Jorgensen
Gravetye Manor
West Hoathley

Ed: It was a memorable meal for our food critic Damian Cotton who is one of the best in his field.


Sir, Can you help? I spotted a ‘penguin’ on top of the large rocks situated on the Common and took a photo on my phone – I couldn’t believe it! Do they fly south? Are we going to experience a cold snap, or plain global warming

Claire Holman
Tunbridge Wells

Ed: Understand he was drafted in to scout TW for our friend with the big sleigh and reindeer. But keep that to yourself.


Sir, Please can I use this letter as a platform to make a plea against the loss of Southborough’s soul? That might sound over-dramatic, but I can barely express how important it is to keep a Tesco supermarket out of our beloved home. The retail chain is devouring town centres all over the country and it already has a very profitable Express store on London Road – this must pick off all the morning and evening trade as people travel to work and school, to the detriment of local retailers. It’s time we stopped the rot and stood up for our individuality!

Frank Alwyn

Ed: Talk about needing retail therapy…


Sir, Thank you for your excellent gift guide in last month’s issue. Who knew you could buy a £3million fish tank? Now the only problem is for my husband – does he buy me the flying car or the night with Antonio Banderas? I’ll just have to wait and see what’s under the tree on Christmas morning…

Delia Rucks
Via email

Ed: We know he has the cash to buy you both the flying car and the night of magic.


Sir, With yet another New Year’s Eve looming, one wonders how much our pubs and restaurants will be hit by this year’s continuing recession. Most people are tightening their belts and I suspect there will be many more house parties, which is a shame for our businesses. But at least we might wake up to cleaner streets on January 1, so every cloud has a silver lining!

John Freeman
Via email

Ed: Here at So Towers were planning to be out and about doing our best to prop up the local economy and a few bars.



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