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Driven Mad

Driving in Tunbridge Wells leaves me in a perpetual state of fear at every bend and roundabout, but by far the most hazardous area of all is the taxi rank outside the station and opposite Hoopers. Those taxi drivers are constantly performing dangerous manoeuvres, pulling out on oncoming traffic, speeding and driving without any care or consideration of pedestrians and other drivers. What frightens me the most is that they are carrying paying passengers, who I can only imagine are clinging on to their seats for dear life!
REBECCA CARROLL, Tunbridge Wells
Ed: Perhaps the customers are paying for a thrill ride…

Bag For Good

I’ve overheard a lot of angry murmurings on my trips to Sainsbury’s recently about the new 5p bag charge. But with five trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans, I don’t think it’s gone far enough. Outlawing plastic bags and replacing them with paper ones would be an eco-friendly alternative – and faced with the prospect of carrying heavy shopping in paper bags, shoppers would soon make a habit of remembering their reusable bags.
Ed: That’s an idea with bags of potential…

I would like to congratulate the bravery of the U3A men from Paddock Wood who stripped off for a calendar to raise money for prostate cancer. What next for the Page 3 boys? My friends and I would be happy to buy tickets for a Full Monty style show…
IRENE JOHNSON, Southborough
Ed: Sounds like they could raise money by selling cold showers!

Regarding Jemma Whitefield’s letter in October’s letter page about the possibility of a Very Tunbridge Wells Problems Twitter account – don’t forget the horrifying problem of there being no Waitrose in town! The poor residents have to drive all the way to Paddock Wood or even (gulp!) Tonbridge and Crowborough to get their Waitrose fix.
Ed: Can you blame them, when their humous is so good?

Baking Mad

Millions of people, including myself, watched and enjoyed this year’s Great British Bake Off. As there are plenty of cafés in the town centre, why not have a Great Tunbridge Wells Bake Off competition between them? It could be held over a day on The Pantiles, with people paying to sample a selection of cakes, then rating them. The winner could then receive half the profits, with the rest divided between the other competitors. It would be great for the town’s economy and really get people talking.
LIAM SHAW, Tunbridge Wells
Ed: Any proposition that involves cake sounds good to us!

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