Where do you live?
In a little village called Ashurst.

How long have you lived there and what made you decide to move there?
We moved there just over two years ago, leaving London to raise children in a peaceful country setting – who also happen to be installed at a school nearby. Tunbridge Wells was a town I got to know over the course of some ten plus years through my work and travels. For me, a real affection developed for the town as we got to know it through regular visits. As a well-travelled surveyor, I found many elements about the town charming, elegant and it seemed to
have an energy that provided a nice link with London.

What’s your favourite shop locally?
I like the assortment of shops on Camden Road all the way up to Monson Road with Jeremy’s Home Store being one that’s fun to pop into. I also like the shops down on The Pantiles – with Trevor Mottram being an interesting one to visit – a real Aladdin’s cave.

The best place to get a cup of coffee?
We are so lucky in this town to have so many coffee shops – a rich mix of the big commercial brands as well as a wonderful assortment of independent ones. On the High Street, Javabean is one I like to visit when I am having a Sunday afternoon drive. I can park up, enjoy a coffee (and cake), sit outside and just enjoy the energy and ambience of my beloved town.

Where do you take people when they come to visit?
There are so many places in and around Tunbridge Wells which are nice to visit. The Pantiles is always a lovely place to take visitors, as many know about it and are keen to visit it when they come to Tunbridge Wells.

What’s the night life like where you live?
It seems that there is a good energy in town with a lovely range of offers for a night out. As one that enjoys socialising in a setting that has food and drinks, the rich array of restaurants in town are always a pleasure to visit. So, places like the Townhouse and Framptons tend to be popular choices.

Where’s your favourite place to eat locally?
That is a tricky one as I tend to eat out at a lot of places and quite regularly. Many of the places I tend to frequent are for business lunches – so The Spa Hotel and The Royal Wells are popular locations as they offer parking for business associates that come to visit by car. But, as a personal treat I would say one of my favourites to visit is La Folia on the Monson Road – which has a very ‘homey’ feeling and the food is so delicious, wonderfully prepared and served by Antonio and Sara.

Are there any nice views nearby?
One of the best views is one that I get to enjoy every day from my office, from the top of Mount Ephraim looking down over the town. Almost every visitor that comes to my office comments on the beautiful view. It’s the very view that I noted back in 2006 when I first came to Tunbridge Wells, now I enjoy it every day.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, where’s your favourite place to go?
The Spa Hotel. We became members when we moved to Tunbridge Wells and the spa is a great place to treat oneself after a stressful week’s work. The other facilities such as the gym and the pool, which is great for children are really good too.

Where’s the best place to meet friends and socialise?
There are many good places – such as Jean’s on Saint John’s Road, The Townhouse, Sankeys, Framptons and
the TW Bar and Grill. They’re all good places to meet up for drinks and eats.

Why do you love where you live?
For me it is a very special place. I find it offers the perfect blend of the energy and dynamics that I enjoy about London, but also the pleasantness of a small town/country setting – with an elegance and class that is distinctly Tunbridge Wells.