Mysterious Weald

Mysterious Weald

Screams, ghostly apparitions and things going bump in the night all feature in the strange tale of a Leigh manor house.

During the 1850s, the inhabitants of Ramhurst Manor House in Leigh claimed to have endured a terrifying period of ghostly encounters. Mrs R, the wife of a high ranking army officer, was living in the house with her servants and she soon began to report disturbing and inexplicable events. Her ordeal began with strange knocking sounds and the brush of an invisible lady’s skirts against her; however, the spirits soon progressed to more alarming manifestations.

The lady complained of hearing loud voices in the night and when her brother came to stay, he twice rushed into her bedroom in the early hours brandishing a gun, for he swore that he had heard his sister screaming – only to find her sound asleep in her bed.

Mrs R invited a psychic friend to visit, a move that brought about immediate developments. As soon as she arrived at the house, the sensitive Miss S claimed that she could see an elderly couple standing on the threshold, looking sad and downcast. In subsequent encounters, the apparitions told her that they were named Mr and Mrs Children, that they had previously owned Ramhurst and had been forced to sell it due to dwindling fortunes – leaving them devastated at the loss of their home.

Later research showed that the Children family had indeed owned the property in the 1750s and had let the place go in 1816. It is believed the restless spirits may have since departed from Ramhurst for good, but who can really tell…

Photo: David Anstiss