Mysterious Weald

Mysterious Weald

You’ll be chilled in Chiddingstone if you come across this lady spectre…

With a history that can be traced back to the 1500s, Chiddingstone Castle has been home to a wide variety of colourful characters over the centuries. So it’s no surprise that the castle and the village might play host to unquiet spirits from yesteryear…

Reports of Chiddingstone’s alleged ghosts are a little vague, but rumours persist that a phantom female haunts the castle and/or the roads around it. Some sources say the stately home itself is pestered by a persistent apparition, while local folklore also tells of a lady equestrian seen riding along the lanes that lead to the castle. Even when viewed at a distance, the phantom can’t be mistaken for a living rider, due to her distinctive tri-corn hat.

Whether she stalks the corridors of the castle or keeps her activities strictly alfresco, it is commonly believed that the lady in question is a daughter of the Streatfield family, who owned the residence for around 400 years, until the end of the 19th century. If so, is the woman just reliving happy days of life at Chiddingstone, or does she desperately seek something from beyond the grave..?

Photo: Nigel Chadwick