Mysterious Weald

Mysterious Weald

The scars of wartime tragedy are said to still linger in Appledore.

Considering the scale of human loss brought about by the Second World War, it’s no surprise that the conflict gave rise to many ghost stories. One of these tales centres on Appledore, near Tenterden, where the spirits of the fallen are believed to walk still…

There are at least two versions of this rumoured haunting, both concerning ill-fated soldiers. One report has it that a group of servicemen of undetermined nationality were billeted at an unnamed house in the village, from which they set out on their final mission. Not long after all were killed in battle, subsequent residents claimed to hear shouting and screaming in the part of the house where the soldiers had slept.

Another story suggests a more cheerful manifestation – in this version, four Canadian volunteers came to Appledore in 1942 to do their bit for the Brits. Again, all were lost in action, but within days, the ghosts of the young men were seen strolling through the village, laughing and joking, as if reliving those last carefree days before the war claimed their lives.

Some 30 years later, in 1975, a council house on the village heath became the object of paranormal attention when the tenants reported hearing someone moving around in the attic. Footsteps would ring out across the boards, while those sleeping in the smallest bedroom were alarmed by the sound of someone whispering. The manifestations went on for at least nine years, before the visitation appeared to fizzle out…