Beauty Bulletin

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Raising Eyebrows

A recent survey by the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology has revealed that British women are now spending on average £200 on eyebrow grooming a year. This includes everything from threading, waxing and tinting to having semi-permanent tattooing to get the perfect brows. “£200 a year on eyebrow grooming doesn’t surprise me at all,” says Nilam Holmes-Patel, founder of eyebrow grooming company High Definition. “Brow products are now at the top of the beauty wish list across Britain due to how the brow can completely enhance your facial features in a matter of minutes.”

A Tight Spot

They’re the easy go-to hairstyles for busy mums and celebrities alike, but the fashion of wearing your hair in a topknot or tight ponytail could cause you to lose your hair, experts are warning. Traction alopecia, a form of hair loss related to the tight pulling of hair has been seen in those who regularly tie their hair too tightly. The condition is commonly seen around the hairline, but can occur anywhere on the head and is caused by the hair being pulled too tightly and traumatising the follicle. There has also been a rise in men suffering with alopecia, as a result of the ‘man bun’ trend.

Blue Booster

If your children are sometimes lacking in concentration then a superfood smoothie could be the answer to keeping them focused. A study conducted by Reading University has discovered that a wild blueberry drink boosted memory and concentration in primary school-age children. It is thought the effects are due to the flavonoids, health-boosting plant chemicals found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits and berries. Although wild blueberries
don’t grow in the UK, bilberries and blackberries also contain the flavonoids.