Ask The Stylists

Ask The Stylists

Gary Russell from The Chapel and makeup artist David Hynes are on hand to answer all of your hair and beauty dilemmas…

I’m only 21 and already my hair has started to grey. Not too many, but people are pointing them out. What’s the best way to cover them without needing full colour at the hair salon?

GARY: Please don’t feel bad about this. I have seen greys come through in girls as young as 14! It’s perfectly normal and very easy to correct without resorting to drastic measures. Book yourself an appointment with your hair stylist and ask their advice. Hopefully they will recommend a demi-permanent colour. If they don’t…suggest it!

This will blend those few stray greys in with your natural colour. As it fades you will see no root as the weeks go by so your upkeep is very minimal. Redken have a fantastic demi-permanent colour range called Shades EQ equipped with a great selection of natural tones. Not only will your greys be banished but it’s like a treatment for your hair, giving vivacious health and sensational shine.

I hate going to the hair salon and never feel listened to. The stylist never does what I ask them to do, I have no idea what suits me and just want something different. I have had the same hair style for almost 20 years but I just don’t have any faith in hair stylists anymore.

GARY: Oh my. I am so sorry you have had such a negative experience with hair salons and stylists. This is happening more and more and something has to be done about it.

At The Chapel I am co-ordinating a very exciting project to cater for ladies like yourself who have been turned away from the salon environment for all the worst reasons.

It’s a top secret project so I can’t go into detail right here but please email me personally at and tell me your story. I promise, there has not been a client who has left the building without feeling her most amazing self.

I’m hearing a lot of fuss lately about how amazing facial oils are. My skin is oily as it is. Can I use these products or will they just break me out and make me super shiny?

DAVID: It sounds like we have had similar experiences with oils. I remember as a teen having a baby-oil bath and revelling in how silky my skin felt, but then had to put up with six weeks of angry, greasy spots. It left me with a deep rooted fear of oils…but no more.

I have tried several over the past few months and am astounded by the results! Trust me – oils are the way forward, but it is very important to find the correct oil for your desired outcome.

Decide whether you want it to be anti-aging, moisturising, anti-inflammatory or just to give your skin a glow. Then do your homework to find the right one for you.

I feel silly asking this but I don’t know what a BB and a CC creams are? According to the experts, they are supposed to be better than foundation and tinted moisturiser, but why?

DAVID: BB creams, or Beauty Balms were initially made for extreme skin conditions, like acne, hyper-pigmentation and scarring; the idea being, you would put the BB on first and then your normal foundation on top.

CC creams, or Colour Corrective creams were used in the same way but these were more sheer and were tinted either white, green, blue or purple to counteract extreme discoloration and make it easier for your foundation, applied on top, to stay the same colour.

They follow the same principles nowadays in that they can be used as ‘primers with added coverage’ or used alone to give more coverage than a tinted moisturiser but way more added skincare benefits. Use a BB cream for a fuller, more matte finish – preferably for combination to oily skin that needs some TLC. Use a CC cream for a more glowy, natural finish, preferably with combination to dry skin that needs some colour correction.