Mark Scott Arenas – tips for maintaining riding arenas

Mark Scott Arenas – tips for maintaining riding arenas

Mark Scott of Mark Scott Arenas (equestrian riding arenas) gives the following tips for keeping them in good health:

Unless you have a waxed surface (the top end of the market) the chances are your surface is riding deep after the current dry spell of weather we have had this summer.

Moisture is a magnificent adhesive in sand, especially if the sand is of an equestrian type having fine and angular particles. Recognized equine sand types interlock exceptionally well, especially when moist. So, it is important to groom sand and rubber surfaces regularly to retain precious moisture, keep level and remove hoof marks. This is especially important in dry periods.

You can never usually overdo grooming, so try not to neglect it. Adding water evenly and a harvested water irrigation system is ideal; other methods via a hose are generally time consuming, using expensive metered water and are probably inconvenient.

If your surface does become unrideable, Mark Scott Arenas have solutions to relatively inexpensively rejuvenate your riding arena. Contact them at for any help and advice you require.