November Confidential

November Confidential

What happens if you mix a lawyer, a banker and a property developer with five bottles of Champagne and a day at the races? Simples: They notch up losses of more than £10,000. It seems the trio’s lack of racing knowledge, mixed with the alcohol, resulted in them backing more donkeys than thoroughbreds. Such a shame – it makes them out to be asses!

Who’s not exactly the picture of innocence? Answer: The hospitality boss who has an image of himself doing the rounds on social media. It shows him hovering naked (aside from underpants) over a bidet. There’s something fishy, though, about the whole thing – apart from the fact that he’s breathing in.

Why are these two business investors being labelled ‘cowardly’? Because when their local bar/restaurant was forced to close, instead of facing staff to explain, they changed the locks overnight and left voicemail messages on senior staff mobiles at 5am saying ‘sorry’. Classy act.

Who pulled out of a date at the last minute? That would be the young lady who met a chap through a Facebook group and was looking forward to tying up with him for lunch – until he texted her suggesting they split the bill. So, the age of romance is not dead.

Why are colleagues giving this business guru curious glances? Because the man stopped the traffic when he spotted a 10p piece in the middle of the road. He bent down, picked it up and waltzed off with a smile on his face. Maybe things aren’t quite as rosy as he would have many of us believe?

Who was the mystery big tipper? Following a lunch with friends at one of Sevenoaks’ finer establishments, the lady in red left a tip equal to the size of the bill. When staff brought it to her attention, thinking it was a mistake, she explained it reflected the ‘outstanding’ food and service provided during her lunch.

Who is out of work thanks to their mobile phone? The finance man who called in sick, went for a job interview with a rival and revealed commercial secrets, completely unaware that the mobile in his pocket had accidentally re-dialled his boss, who heard everything. Instant dismissal and he didn’t get the other job.