Wardrobe Wonders

Wardrobe Wonders

Radio One’s Alice Levine chats to us exclusively about her signature style and why she loves bagging a bargain…

You’re fronting the McArthur Glen Wonders of Autumn Campaign with your equally fashionable pal Laura Jackson. What made you get involved?
Laura and I were so keen to front the McArthurGlen Wonders of Autumn campaign at Ashford Designer Outlet as it’s all about finding those classic investment pieces at a great price, which is something we both love. I love McArthurGlen for the variety of designer and high street brands on offer.

Have you always been into fashion?
I was always like a magpie. I loved going through my mum’s jewellery box and putting EVERYTHING on. When I was at college and discovered vintage shops I think that was a turning point – I loved that everything had a story behind it and that you could team retro pieces with something from the high street and look different to everyone else.

How would you describe your style?
My friend James once described my style as “an old woman in a particularly harsh winter”! In a way he’s right, I love thick woollen tights with ankle boots and have a never ending knitwear collection. I like layering with blouses and shirts. Autumn is definitely my season.

Any past fashion regrets?
Roughly 1996 to 2010… it look me a while to find my stride!

Are you an impulse buyer or a considered shopper?
A bit of both. Sometimes I’m really frugal and really think about a purchase, go away and give myself some time to mull it over, go back and look again, but other times I will buy everything I like and not dwell on it.

What’s the best clothing or accessories purchase you’ve ever made?
A Burberry trench coat from the 1970s for £2.50 from a jumble sale, it has a beautiful silk lining and it was pristine.

Jaeger Coat

Are there any current celebrities or stars whose style you love?
In terms of modern muses, I love Michelle Williams and how she mixes and matches things and always looks herself. Her hair and makeup is always flawless too. I also look to icons from different eras – Diane Keaton had an incredible look.

If you had access to anyone else’s wardrobe for a day, whose would you raid and what would you take?
Janie Bryant the costume designer from Mad Men, I’d like to nose around in all of the incredible pieces she sourced for that show; she also designed and redesigned custom pieces for each character. What would I take? Are you kidding? I’d have a lorry on stand-by outside!

When you’re stuck for what to wear in the mornings, what’s your go-to work outfit?
I’m all about a blouse. Under a dungaree dress, with the collar poking out of a jumper, with a cardigan or simply with a skirt and black tights. It’s so versatile and has a grown up, I’ve-made-an-effort air about it…even if I do hate ironing! Leather brogues and loafers are my default flats.

Any advice on autumn look for the office that’s both smart and warm?
Layers, layers, layers! For example, a thin polo neck under a jumper, a shirt under a dress, a jacket plus a coat. Layering makes items from the rest of the year integrate into your A/W wardrobe. Clashing textures and prints along the way looks great or alternatively you can go really matchy-matchy. I love wool with silk, or leather with cashmere – it’s nice to mix up fabrics. I think autumn is also the perfect time to try that androgynous / Annie Hall tailored vibe; suits on women look amazing.

What are your autumn wardrobe must-haves?
I love a trench coat as it can immediately add a 60s / 70s tailored feel to any outfit. I can’t wait for the Jaeger trench exclusive to McArthurGlen Ashford Designer Outlet – I love the fact that I will have a coat that not everyone in London will own! Plus you can wear something quite plain underneath. A classic camel trench will also serve you very well. Wear open and flowing or cinched with the belt.

October 15 sees the launch of the first Wonders of Autumn campaign from McArthurGlen Ashford Designer Outlet, from October 15 until November 2 2015. www.mcarthurglen.com