New Bose® AE2i Audio Headphones

New Bose® AE2i Audio Headphones

New Design Features Inline Remote and Microphone for Apple Products

Bose has introduced the new AE2i audio headphones, combining immersive sound and a comfortable fit with an inline remote and microphone for control of select Apple products – including the latest iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook Pro models.

Featuring an around-ear design, the AE2i audio headphones (which are not noise canceling) are engineered with an advanced acoustic design that includes a sophisticated application of proprietary Bose TriPort® acoustic headphone structure. Music sounds smooth and natural throughout the entire frequency range; high frequencies and vocals are reproduced with clarity, and deep low notes are delivered faithfully.

Accessing voice applications is easy using the inline microphone – from taking calls on an iPhone, to using FaceTime on a MacBook Pro. The simple, three-button remote allows users to adjust volume, select tracks, and seamlessly switch between calls and music.

Bose’s acclaimed fit is made possible through proprietary ear cushions and an ergonomic design that distributes weight evenly, reducing irritating pressure points for hours of comfortable listening.

For lasting quality, the AE2i headphones are constructed and manufactured to meet demanding standards for durability – from the fold-flat ear cups, to the single, detachable cable. A carrying bag is also included for added convenience.

Bose AE2i headphones are now available through all Bose stores, authorised Bose resellers and at the recommended retail price of £149.00 The Bose AE2 audio headphones, designed for use with nearly any audio source, will remain in the product line for £119.00 RRP.

Existing AE2 headphone owners can achieve the same control of Apple products with the AE2 remote and microphone accessory, sold separately, and only from Bose for £29.99 RRP.

About Bose Corporation
Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, the company is primarily known for acoustics; however, its research has resulted in products for non-audio fields. Bose inventions have improved the performance of:
• Loudspeakers
• Home entertainment systems
• Automotive music systems designed for the interior acoustics of each car model (first
introduced by Bose)