Men spend 26hrs per year outside changing rooms waiting for their partners

Men spend 26hrs per year outside changing rooms waiting for their partners

Lakeside Shopping Centre has conducted a survey of 1000 men and 1000 women (aged 25-45) and found that men, on average, spend a staggering 26 hours per year waiting for their partners outside changing rooms.

68 per cent[ii] said they did it because they believed it would make their partners happy, and 30 per cent said that shopping trips were their way of spending time together.

27 per cent of men said they go shopping so they could give their partner their opinion on what she wears.  The survey does not reveal how their partners feel about such advice!

Paul Lancaster, General Manager of Lakeside, comments: “It’s encouraging to see how many men are happy to go shopping just to put a smile on their partner’s face and spend time together. We see many couples walk through the doors at Lakeside together and this survey proves that the men have not been brought here against their will, and may in fact be enjoying themselves.”

The survey also found that, contrary to the popular stereotype, many men actually like shopping and even offer to accompany their partner. 46 per cent of the male respondents confessed they enjoy shopping with their partner, and 46 per cent even admitted they sometimes volunteered to come along.

These findings suggest that the traditional image of reluctant men being dragged around the shops against their will is no longer accurate. 

However, the survey findings did suggest that not all male stereotypes are misplaced as 47 per cent of men stated that they do use the waiting time to check the latest football scores on their mobile phones.

To reflect the survey results and to reward men for their patience and support, Lakeside Shopping Centre came up with a new initiative and created a ‘men’s pen’ for the day in its House of Fraser store.  It was a strictly men-only zone, providing entertainment, refreshments and relaxation to make their shopping experiences even more enjoyable. Men were provided with Apple iPads, a calming head and shoulder massage and a selection of drinks to help them unwind.

Lakeside is popular with men all year round thanks to its range of bars, restaurants, a cinema and the many popular men’s brands that its shops stock.

Top 5 things men do to pass the time outside changing rooms*

1.      Check the football scores on phone


2.      Browse Facebook


3.      Eat or drink


4.      Call a mate
5.      Wait patiently


*The men surveyed were given multiple choice options for this question