First Soundbars from Bose

First Soundbars from Bose

Bose Introduces Lifestyle® 135 System and CineMate® 1 SR System

Today, Bose has introduced its first soundbar systems: the Lifestyle® 135 home entertainment system and the CineMate® 1 SR digital home cinema speaker system. Using proprietary Bose® technologies, each system provides a new level of audio performance and placement flexibility for soundbar solutions, delivering unmistakable home cinema sound from one elegant speaker array, and a new wireless Acoustimass® module.

The Lifestyle® 135 system includes a media console for up to six HD sources (four HDMI inputs), an AM/FM tuner, and a dock for iPod or iPhone. The CineMate 1 SR system attaches directly to a TV with just one cable – it’s that easy. Both systems feature a programmable remote that controls the system and nearly any connected source, from a Blu-ray Disc™ player to a satellite box.

“Most conventional soundbars are bulky and hard-to-place, or thin but unable to deliver lifelike sound,” said Doug Lankford, Bose Director of Home Theater Product Marketing. “The new Lifestyle® 135 and CineMate 1 SR systems deliver a powerful audio experience that defies their size and elegant design – whether you’re watching a movie, playing a video game, or listening to music.”

PhaseGuide™ Technology: Immersive Sound From One Visible Speaker

The Lifestyle® 135 system and CineMate® 1 SR system represent the first Bose® speakers to feature breakthrough PhaseGuide sound radiator technology, originally used in the company’s revolutionary VideoWave® entertainment system – the industry’s first high-definition television that integrates a complete home cinema sound system behind a 46” 1080p LCD display. Combined with proprietary TrueSpace® digital processing circuitry, PhaseGuide technology transforms the listening experience: discrete sound can be heard in places where there are no speakers. Yet, it comes from a single array that measures just 6.1cm high, 93.5cm wide and 12.4cm deep.

The new Acoustimass® module delivers low notes with cinematic impact. Smaller than previous Bose Acoustimass modules, its wireless link allows it to be hidden, completely out of sight.

Soundbar Setup: Horizontal, Vertical, Anywhere in the Room

Unlike conventional soundbars, the Lifestyle® 135 and CineMate® 1 SR systems have true placement flexibility: they can be positioned near the TV, wherever it is, and in two orientations — without compromising audio performance.

Bose FlexMount™ automatic placement compensation senses whether the speaker has been placed horizontally on a table, or mounted vertically on a wall. It then automatically adjusts the sound, offering owners two choices for soundbar setup with the same assurance of spacious, natural sound.

Bose® ADAPTiQ® audio calibration technology offers another performance assurance: the system will deliver optimal sound in any room. This exclusive Bose advancement first recognises where the system is located, and then compensates for how the acoustics of the space affect its audio quality – customising the sound for the room’s unique size, shape, even furnishings.

Bose Unify® Technology: Available in the Lifestyle® 135 system

The media console included with the Lifestyle® 135 system serves as the hub for an owner’s home entertainment sources. The exclusive Bose Unify® intelligent integration system makes connecting devices to the console effectively mistake-proof. Easy-to-follow steps are shown on the TV screen, so an owner is guided through the entire process.

The result is one seamless system that is so easy to operate an owner’s manual may never be needed.

Bose Home Cinema Solutions

With the addition of the Lifestyle® 135 and CineMate® 1 SR systems, Bose home cinema solutions now include 1.1, 2.1 and 5.1 systems.

The Lifestyle® 135 home entertainment system and the CineMate 1 SR digital home cinema speaker system are available now at the recommended retail price of £2,400 and £1,300 respectively from Bose retail stores and authorised Bose resellers. The Bose WB-135 Wall-Mount Kit is available separately as an accessory.