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Petrol Panic

I was driving during a rather heavy thunderstorm the other day and I was really quite desperate for petrol. In fact I had changed my route so I could go via a petrol station google maps had told me was there. But, between the lashings of rain I was frantically trying to clear from my windscreen and the lack of signage, I completely missed the turning for it. I ended up going through to Tonbridge hoping I’d make it to a petrol station (I did, phew) and turning back. On the way back I saw the turning for it, surrounded by obstacles that covered every possible clue that it was for a petrol station!
Ed: You know how we feel about roadworks…

Rant Retaliation

I read the rant that you featured in the August issue about cyclists, and as a cyclist myself I’d like to address Alix from Tunbridge Wells. Just because you’re itching to get past us does not mean that everyone else is. You’re most likely one of the idiot drivers that overtakes us, revving madly, swearing as you go past. If you have that much rage and anger pent up that you need to write a rant, maybe you should take a cycle in the countryside! It really does help to disperse some of those pent up feelings…
MANDY KENTISH, via email
Ed: This is obviously an issue pushing your pedals…check out one reader’s counter-rant on page 31.

I saw a tweet the other day that was a photo of a stuffed animal that had been found and the café in question asking people to retweet it so they might be able to find the owner. I just thought that is such a sweet thing to do and clearly kindness is not dead. I sincerely hope that the stuffed animal gets returned to the owner and that we can say we used social media for good for once.
Ed: We couldn’t agree more!

How many of your colleagues are guilty of pen stealing? Honestly, I put one down on my desk and within ten minutes it’s gone. I’m convinced that it’s my boss who sits next to me. I haven’t had the courage to ask him but when he was away last week I checked his drawer – guilty as charged! Not only were all my pens that I’ve “lost” in there, but he also had about five pink highlighters! I have none and I’m guessing he’s the reason why.
JOSIE CLARK, via email
Ed: There’s always one in the office isn’t there!

Eyes Forward

People please can you stop walking around the town staring down at your phone! Just because I’m not glued to mine does not mean I should avoid you ignorant people before you walk into me. It’s not hard to glance up so that you’re aware of others around you. I had someone genuinely walk into me the other day and then glare at me as if it was my fault. One of these days you’re going to walk into a lamp post and I will laugh at you. A lot.
Ed: And then you’ll call the ambulance?