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End Of An Era

We first came to live in Sevenoaks in 1976 and stayed there for 25 years, and during those years, The Linen House served me well. In 2001 we retired to Bath and today the contents of my linen cupboard still bear witness to the quality and service I received from that little company. Last weekend, after 15 years we returned to Sevenoaks to attend a reunion and with much sadness noted that the Linen House is closing down.

I too share the same sentiments on its demise as voiced by John Hammond in your September issue and mourn the end of an era.
VELMA REED, via letter
Ed: It’s a real shame – but like they say, all good things come to an end…

Blind Spot

Maybe the council’s next scheme should be to invest in eye tests for all secondary school pupils. Seeing as they constantly form huge, gossiping, ‘selfie’-taking groups around Tonbridge station, blocking the way for myself, my dog Rusty and other pedestrians – forcing us to walk in the dangerous bus lane – I can only assume their eyesight is too poor to see anyone not in a school uniform. It’s a footpath, not a social club!
GEORGE FORD, Tonbridge
Ed: It would be worse if they were wielding selfie sticks too…

I was delighted for Kelly Holmes when she won gold at the 2004 Olympics, and am again having read in last month’s So about her café has winning at the Kent Independent Traders Awards. I no longer visit chains and will only shop and eat in independent outlets and I would encourage others to do the same – it’s a great feeling and a boost to the local economy, which God knows we need in these testing times. We have so many great places right on our doorsteps just waiting to be discovered – I would urge you all to walk a few paces further than the nearest chain and find a new favourite!
JUDITH YOUNG, Hildenborough
Ed: Sounds like you deserve a gold medal for bringing a boost to Hildenborough!

I felt mixed emotions reading ‘The Secret Diary of a Bride to Be’ piece in last month’s edition. Having married my late husband in 1944 while he was on army leave, I felt wistful that I never had the opportunity to choose a lovely wedding dress, but also relief that I didn’t have to spend hours looking for the perfect one! I ended up wearing a tailored suit with my mother’s hat – but it was such a happy day that I didn’t mind.
Ed: Now, who’s got a hat our bride can borrow?

Awesome Autumn

What a wonderful time of the year – fireworks, warm drinks by the fire and the start of the Christmas season. Am I the only person who loves November? I think Sevenoaks is beautiful at this time of year, but I seem to be alone in my thinking…
JOHN HUNT, Sevenoaks
Ed: We love November too – see here for beautiful local places to visit this season

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