Get your home ready for the New Year rush, says Connells

Get your home ready for the New Year rush, says Connells

Thinking of moving home in 2012? Estate agency Connells in Tunbridge Wells is urging local homeowners wishing to sell in January to get their properties ready for the traditional New Year rush.

According to Connells, January is a prime time for home sales. From the start of the New Year, buyers who have resolved to move home over the holiday season will flood the market looking for properties. However, to take full advantage of renewed interest from buyers it’s important to have your home on the market as soon as possible in January.

“At Connells, we’ve seen growing momentum and interest from buyers in the second half of the year,” says Ben Channell, Branch Manager for Connells. “The January market is traditionally busy and based on the increasing activity we have had over the last six months, we expect this New Year to be the same if not better.”

Buyers have been lured back to the housing market throughout 2011 by greater confidence and availability of mortgage products. During the holiday season, many prospective buyers will put off starting their home search but as soon as the New Year begins it becomes their main focus.

“Christmas and New Year is a time for resolutions and new beginnings, and buying a home is often on people’s wish list,” says Ben. “Sellers who want to take advantage of this annual flurry of activity should get in touch now so we can get everything ready to market in the New Year.”

If you are interested in selling your home in the New Year and would like to start marketing from the first week of January, please contact the Connells branch on 01892 547966 or email: