Energise Your Home

Energise Your Home

An energised and well-balanced home will help you feel happier, be more successful and live a more fulfilled life. Energise Your Home specialises in making your home support you, so you have the energy and quality of life that you would like. We find out more about what’s on offer.

A new property consultancy business that grew out of a hobby is now available in Tunbridge Wells.

Charlotte Haynes of Energise Your Home helps people to make their home feel supportive, energising and lovely to live in, so that the whole family can really thrive. She used to live in Asia and so took on a Feng Shui consultant to help optimise her own business premises many years ago, because it was a strange shape and in a tiny place with little passing trade.

She was so impressed with the results that she went on to study how to optimise a home or business using various different systems. She can usually help where a property has had a bad history such as divorce, illness or bankruptcy, or simply doesn’t seem to work well for those that own it.

“My first ever job was for a conference centre in a stately home,” she says. “It had only 15% occupancy rates and was under a lot of financial pressure. Within a very short time of implementing a few small changes I had suggested, there was a major turnaround and occupancy rates went up to 85% with three years waiting!”

Since then, Charlotte has also successfully worked on many other businesses and homes, including properties that their owners could not sell, with great results. What’s more, she currently undertakes to return her fee if a property in the South East of England does not get an acceptable offer within eight weeks of carrying out her suggestions.

Please contact Charlotte if you would like to explore whether her service could help you.

Energise Your Home
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