Here’s the funniest phrase we’ve overheard this month…

Remember, we’re always listening…


Overheard on Sevenoaks High Street
“I’m really annoyed that Nando’s has opened in Sevenoaks but not in Tunbridge Wells. Sevenoaks is full of old people, and they don’t even like spicy food!”


Overheard in a Tenterden shop
Woman 1: “Not long until Christmas now, I can’t wait to start shopping and buying the food”
Woman 2: “I love Christmas, but I really struggle to be nice to people for all that time.”

Dog 2

Overheard in a Tunbridge Wells office
“I’ve started cooking my dogs chicken and sweet potato. I’m worried they won’t ever eat dog food again.”


Overheard in Tenterden Costa
Woman 1: “That bloke over there is quite good looking, you should go and talk to him.”
Woman 2: “No way, I’ve just been to the gym – I look like a soggy tissue!”


Overheard in a Tunbridge Wells café
“I don’t like crumpets. Looking down the holes in them frightens me.”


Overheard in a Wealden farm shop
“Mummy, are sausages just little pigs?”