Wealden Talking Point

Mill Mark

To celebrate windmills and watermills of the UK, the Royal Mail has issued a new collection of special stamps – featuring a local landmark. The Woodchurch Windmill, near Tenterden is one of six mills recognised in the new set.

The Woodchurch Windmill is a traditional Kentish smock mill, formerly one of a pair. Such mills are typically found in areas where there is a strong tradition of timber building. The upper mill, was used as an observation post in the First World War. Dating from the early 19th century, the mill stopped work in 1926 and has been restored by the Friends of Woodchurch Windmill, together with Ashford Borough Council.

Philip Parker, a spokesperson for the Royal Mail says: “The windmills and watermills of the UK are much-loved landmarks and reminders of our rich agricultural and industrial heritage. We celebrate six of these fascinating structures with new stamps.”