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speeding is a bigger problem in Hawkhurst than anywhere else in Kent, according to data compiled by road safety group Speedwatch.
The village has seen two serious traffic accidents in the past two months, with one fatality, but no speed camera has been installed despite local politicians calling for one.

“We are extremely concerned about speeding,” says Councillor Julia Newman, chairman of Hawkhurst Parish Council. “Hawkhurst is located on a crossroads and has high volume of traffic, which has been described by Kent Highways as ‘severe’.

“It may well be that the frustrations of delays in getting through the crossroads causes drivers to accelerate away from the traffic lights in excess of the speed limit.

“We have repeatedly asked for speed cameras to be placed where speed is a significant danger, demonstrated in Hawkhurst by our Speedwatch group’s statistics, rather than where deaths have already occurred.”

Speedwatch is a collection of volunteers across Kent who form groups in towns and villages to monitor roadside traffic using a speed gun. By finding an average number of speeders from each session they monitored, the Hawkhurst Speedwatch group found a far higher figure than the next highest in the county.

In addition six of the eight highest speeders recorded throughout Kent in 40mph zones were in the village.