Tonbridge Talking Point

House Hike

The value of houses in some parts of Tonbridge are more than a third higher in real terms than a decade ago – going against the national trend of falling property prices.

Research released by the BBC last month shows that the cost of homes in Cage Green in the north of the town has grown by 38 per cent to an average of almost half a million pounds (£495,000).
Houses in the Vauxhall (average £357,500) and Judd wards of south Tonbridge have risen in value by 33 per cent and 27 per cent respectively.

The cost of residential properties has also increased significantly in Hildenborough (17 per cent, £500,000). The biggest difference across the borough of Tonbridge & Malling since 2007 was in the ward of Wrotham, Ightham and Stansted, which has seen a 44 per cent rise to a massive £800,000.

The BBC and Open Data institute in Leeds analysed more than eight million residential property transactions in England and Wales for the period from January 2007 to July 2017, adjusting the figures in line with inflation.