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The Weald Talking Point

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Plans have been submitted to transform a former prison in Goudhurst into a new training facility for police and probation officers.

Blantyre House, in Boundgreen Lane, was initially closed for refurbishment in January 2015. Before that it had been used as a resettling facility for offenders who were reaching the end of their prison sentences and helping them to integrate back into a local community.

The proposal, which has been submitted to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, plans to use the currently empty facilities as a training area for around 60 members of staff. However, at this moment, it is only for a temporary period of time of up to five years.

The site itself will still be listed as a prison and will remain in a position where it is able to receive prisoners at any time, therefore there are no plans for any new buildings or extensions to be constructed.

The deadline for consideration of the planning application is currently set for Tuesday, September 27.


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