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Plans are being undertaken by Network Rail to replace a railway crossing in Otford which has been labelled as the ‘the most dangerous in the south-east’.

It has been proposed that a footbridge is built along a footpath, known as Pilgrim’s Way, so people avoid walking over the level crossing.

Network rail have stated that this particular crossing is the ‘highest-risk’ in the southeast. Although there are speed restrictions in place at the crossing, train drivers are no longer allowed to sound their horns due to a noise abatement notice and the visibility isn’t very good.

However, a number of local residents are unhappy with the proposed plans as it means some of them will be isolated from the nearby village if they are unable to use the footbridge and because they don’t believe it is as dangerous as is believed; there has only been one fatality – a suicide in 2003 – in the past 17 years.

The crossing has been open since 1862 and currently more than 150 trains use it daily.

Planning permission for the construction of the footbridge has already been granted, but not for alteration of the public footpath.


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