Sevenoaks Talking Point

Caught on Camera

In our part of the world there are a lot of speed cameras, so it may come as no surprise that a camera located in Sevenoaks has been named as one of the most profitable in the country.

Coming fourth in the nation’s highest earning cameras list, thousands of motorists were snapped exceeding the limit last year by a camera placed between junction five of the M25 at Sevenoaks, and the Clacket Lane Services.
The total sum of penalty fines it amassed was £373,300, catching 3,723 motorists who were averaging 61mph on the 50mph stretch of road.

“It’s really important to remember that such cameras are put in place to reduce accidents and save the lives of motorists and bikers, something which is far more important than any amount of money,” says Rebecca Donohue, head of marketing at Carole Nash who conducted the research.

“We wanted to find out which roads are prone to speeding motorists to help raise awareness of the dangers in those areas and encourage bikers and drivers alike to take extra care on these roads.”