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The Stag theatre in Sevenoaks is renowned for putting on one of the area’s best Christmas pantomimes thanks to the quality of the actors, producers and directors it attracts but this year the lead up to its festive end of year extravaganza was somewhat tainted when the box office received a phone call from a certain Mr Smith saying he believed The
Stag’s version of Sleeping Beauty was ‘too black’.
Mr Smith who claims to be ‘somewhere from Sevenoaks’ also told The Stag that this year’s panto was not representative of the town.

The theatre production is headed up by mixed race EastEnders’ star Ricky Norwood and black pop trio Cleopatra. In an open letter, which was picked up by various media outlets including the Mail Online, the show’s producer Jamie Wilson, of Those Magic Beans, asked: “How many black people is too many?“ He added: “Is one black performer ok? Two? Is it just five that tips you over the edge?”

He concluded: “Our aim has been to work with the most talented performers we can find and produce the best possible pantomime.” Nine thousand tickets have so far been sold for The Stag’s production of Sleeping Beauty and the residents of Sevenoaks and further afield have backed Mr Wilson.
Lisa Copley wrote on Facebook: “I hope that this does nothing but help you have sell-outs every night.” Fiona Blackmore added: “Definitely going to see this panto… If we need a villain then it’s Mr Smith.”