Planning application received for demolition of cinema site

Planning application received for demolition of cinema site

Royal Tunbridge Wells is a step closer to losing one of its eyesores as the borough council today confirmed it had received a planning application from Bellhouse Joseph the new owner of the town’s cinema site.

The application the council has received seeks permission to demolish the existing building.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Leader, Cllr Bob Atwood described the application as ‘a great step forward’. He said: ‘For 11 years we have had to put up with a derelict cinema in the heart of our town. During this time we have heard from a string of developers about their intentions for the site, none of which have come to fruition. The site has become notorious and so I consider it very good news to learn that, subject to planning permission, it could soon be removed from our landscape.

‘The borough council has been working hard behind the scenes to do all it can to rid the town of its grot spots. Already we are looking forward to the refurbishment and reopening of the Morrisons’ store and now it seems we could be seeing the beginning of the end of the saga of the cinema.’

It is expected that the outcome of the planning application for demolition will be known in around three months.  Specific plans for the future of the site after demolition have not yet been submitted, and Councillor Atwood said that the council will continue to work with the developer to help ensure that progress does not stall.