Start painting and have a ball

Start painting and have a ball

Earlier this year So magazine the work of the little known Rwandan charity Msaada which has built up a strong supporter base in and around Tunbridge Wells. It was started by BBC journalist Fergal Keane, is run largely by volunteers and every penny raised goes directly to help victims of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

One of the trustees is Graeme Moore who runs the Montrose restaurant in Southborough: “We’re asking amateur and first-time artists to paint a picture that will be sold to raise funds for Msaada. The charity will provide the participants with a canvas, paints and brushes, without charge, on condition that a completed painting is returned to us by the closing date of December 8 2012.

“Anyone who receives the painting materials, but cannot complete the work in time, will be asked to pay £25 to the charity to cover the costs, which seems only fair.”

The top ten paintings (as selected by recognised art experts) will be auctioned at a gala Paint Ball to be held locally in February. The paintings will be exhibited for 10 days (January 18-27) prior to the ball at Fairfax Gallery in The Pantiles where all the works (except those for auction) will be for sale to the public.

Msaada works with impoverished people in Rwanda – most of whom are survivors of the genocide where a million people were murdered in 100 days. The charity helps to lift people out of their poverty through self-sustainable income generating projects, mainly livestock. And that’s where the Paint Ball comes in.

Money raised will be used to send high yield in-calf dairy heifers to Rwanda. The animals will be donated by Irish farmers although the cost of getting them there, including transport is around £2,500 each. They’ll be given to needy families enabling them to improve their diet and make money from the sale of milk. A European dairy cow will produce about 20 litres per day which is about 10 times more than a local cow can produce. Those who receive an animal must gift the first born female to another needy family.

Pictured are paintings from the first ball.

Further information and to obtain painting packs, contact:

Graeme Moore
01892 511 392

Katy Beatton
07958 699 401