Drive safely this winter with Lifestyle Europe

Drive safely this winter with Lifestyle Europe

During the winter months, more and more people rely on their cars to get from A to B with as little hassle as possible. Many people forget though that their car needs extra protection. Whilst we can wrap up warm in scarves and coats, our cars are faced with the harshest of elements. This is why Lifestyle Europe is encouraging motorists to ensure that their vehicles are ready for winter.

These past two years have seen the country caked in inches of snow. Following many years of mild winters, these harsh conditions can take us by surprise, resulting in many people being caught off guard before they’ve had time to adequately prepare their vehicles. This results in risks to personal safety as well as costly mechanical faults. This is why Lifestyle Europe is asking local motorists to think ahead this winter.

To give motorists peace of mind, Lifestyle Europe is inviting local motorists to book their vehicles into their service departments for a winter safety check. For just £20 plus VAT, a full safety check will be carried out by one of the specially trained mechanics who will check all the routine components, plus the harder to reach and understand ones. It will also ensure that all fluid levels are topped up to the correct level and concentration. A full report of the vehicle will also be provided, as well as winter car care kit to help you on frosty mornings. This is the perfect way to begin the winter, but it should be noted that continued care should be taken throughout the winter to ensure safety is maximised.

Here are Lifestyle’s top tips for staying safe and keeping your car healthy this winter:-


  • Book your car in for a Lifestyle Europe winter safety check.
  • Fluid levels– keep topped up including antifreeze, brake fluid and screen wash.
  • Tyres, including the spare, are advised to have a minimum of 2mm tread. It is also important to ensure they are at the correct pressure. Do not deflate for extra grip, this is a myth, and could cause instability. Well maintained tyres will also provide better fuel economy.
  • Battery – should also be in a good condition, as the winter weather increases the demand for its use.

Preparing your car

  • When starting your car, do so in short bursts. If it doesn’t start immediately, rest the battery to ensure you don’t drain it or burn out your starter motor.
  • Turn off your car if you hear prolonged squealing, this could indicate a frozen water pump.
  • Use your fans to help heat and de-mist the inside of the car.
  • When defrosting, stay with your car. Some models will lock themselves, locking the owners out. Or worse, your car could be stolen.
  • Remove snow and ice from all windows, mirrors, lights and bodywork.
  • Lift your wiper blades to ensure they are not stuck.


  • Stopping distances can increase by 10 times on icy roads, so leave plenty of room from the car in front.
  • Brake, accelerate and manoeuvre gently to minimise the risk of skidding.
  • Check ahead for weather forecasts and road conditions, and listen to travel bulletins.
  • Remove gloves and wet boots before driving. Wear dry shoes that you can feel the pedals with.
  • Pack an emergency bag with a first aid kit, shovel, warm clothing, blankets and refreshments.

To book your winter safety check to ensure your car is safe for the road, as well as a complete list of showrooms, please visit