Double-parking information campaign

Double-parking information campaign

Motorists parking in roads such as Woodbury Park Road are being reminded by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s civil enforcement officers (CEO) that they should not be double-parking and that it is a contravention to do so.

The CEOs are beginning a campaign in the weeks running up to Christmas advising motorists about this by either talking to them or leaving an information leaflet on their vehicle. The information leaflet explains the legislation about both double-parking and parking across a dropped kerb which is also a contravention. Drivers are given advance warning that from January 2012 the CEOs will be enforcing the legislation and issuing penalty notices.

Parking manager, Emma Pell said: ‘It is becoming very difficult for residents to negotiate Woodbury Park Road because of the number of cars double-parked. It seems to have become an accepted practice for some motorists. We need drivers to understand that it is a parking contravention, therefore our campaign will begin by informing rather than penalising. We will have to issue penalties if the problems persist but we hope that by giving motorists time to change their parking habits they will avoid getting a fine.’

In general terms a vehicle is double-parked when it is parked more than 50cm from the edge of the pavement, kerb line or edge of the road. Dropped kerbs are there to assist those who need to cross a road safely or for vehicle access. A vehicle blocking a dropped kerb or parking next to or across a dropped kerb commits a contravention.

If a fine is issued it will cost the motorist £70 but if paid within 14 days the fine reduces to £35. The CEOs will not enforce dropped kerbs outside residential properties.