Time To Vent

Time To Vent

Cara from Southborough is so irrate, she’s ranting about…ranting

Ok, I realise that this may be controversial, contradictory and maybe even a little hypocritical, but I’m so wound up I need to vent…and my rant is about people ranting.

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed it too, but there’s now a whole species of person who seem to spend their lives whingeing and moaning about anything and everything. We’re forever reading articles about wellbeing and inspirational quotes encouraging us to better ourselves, yet it seems as if inside we’re all a bit bitter and twisted, and it’s only getting worse.

The people of Tunbridge Wells aren’t referred to as ‘disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ for nothing – clearly, around these parts we like a good moan. But we’ve gone beyond moaning to something altogether more angry – now, we’re indignant about everything, quicker to jump to conclusions, and feel it out given right to bemoan and belittle. What a time to be alive!

For the most part, I blame the internet – it has bred pathological complainers, who will do anything to put in their two pence worth. Scroll down to the comments section on any digital news site and you’ll see what I mean – hordes of people clogging up the page with mindless gibberish, complaining about the content not being newsworthy enough (don’t read it then), or launching a tirade of abuse at other commenters.

Social media is even worse – during the referendum in June I frequently had to practice my yoga breathing techniques as I read people’s lengthy Facebook rants about their political stance. Fair enough if these were balanced arguments, hoping to sway friends and family to vote one way or another, but they weren’t – these were vile, nasty views which most of the time were criticising other people who had simply dared to express an opinion. Use your own Facebook page as you will, but I think it’s absolutely unacceptable to attack others on their personal profiles, regardless of what you think of their beliefs.

And then, there are the real life moaners – you probably all know at least one (if you don’t, then it’s you). These are the people for whom nothing is ever satisfactory – meals in restaurants, train journeys, the ripeness of their avocado from Waitrose – and woe betide anyone who dares to correct them or suggest that perhaps they’re being slightly pedantic.
Don’t get me wrong, having a little moan can be therapeutic, but I fear we’ve gone so far beyond that stage that we’ve forgotten how to let the little things go. Now, we can take to Twitter and bombard a company we’re unhappy with with a series of complaints in 140 characters – it’s become so easy to be disgusted, we’ve forgotten how not to be.

But what’s the solution? Do we delete all social media accounts and actively avoid ever seeing or speaking to another human being in order to avoid these bouts of rage? Tempting though it is, there must be a better way. Perhaps we need to revert back to the old adage of: ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’ But then what would we have to moan about?


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