Paul Dunton


Every Friday at around 5.15pm on BBC Radio Kent, popular local DJ Dominic King broadcasts a feature on his programme entitled The Music Conversation. The idea is to discuss various music related topics with the public, invited guests present in the studio and to broadcast a live session which involves a local singer-songwriter or band performing an original acoustic track. There’s also a brief interview which allows Dominic the opportunity to find out a bit more about the artist in question and in turn gives the artist a chance to promote their forthcoming gig at a local Kent venue.

Dominic is a very personable and outgoing DJ – he is genuinely passionate about fresh new music and has an ability to connect on a level with all the acts who perform on his show, enabling them to relax and have an enjoyable experience. You can really tell this is the case during the interview part of the session.

Attaining radio airplay is the holy grail for any up-and-coming act, especially airplay from a station under the BBC umbrella, so it is in my opinion, a great thing that Dominic is doing here.

For many years, John Peel was of course the radio champion of new, emerging music and his untimely death was a great loss for millions of listeners and artists from around the world. Abbie McCarthey of BBC Introducing, Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 and Hew Stephens of BBC Radio 1 are three national DJ’s who are following in Peel’s footsteps by playing a great deal of independent and unsigned music and long may it continue.

There are other renowned DJ’s who follow in the same vein, however Dominic’s feature is really about the grass roots element, organic music, talented local acts performing and talking about their passion for songwriting and fledgling careers in the music world. When the feature is aired, this essentially means the live session can be heard by up to 350,000 listeners and is available on iplayer for nearly a week afterwards. A great deal of those listeners are based in Kent and East Sussex so a good plug for the forthcoming gig is also a great bonus!

A live session on radio is of course a totally different kettle of fish to a track from an album CD receiving airplay. For a live session to come across really well the musicianship and tuning (instrument and vocal) needs to be of a high standard. There is no engineer mixing the sound in these situations or luxuries such as a touch of reverb on the vocal, this is an out and out unplugged acoustic session, the purest type of live performance.

So, if you like the idea of hearing some fresh new interesting music and gaining an insight into the local music scene, tune in to BBC Radio Kent on a Friday between 5pm and 6pm and listen out for the The Music Conversation with Dominic King and you will get to hear some fabulous local acts and details of where they are playing next!

Listen at 96.7fm-104.2fm or online at