Inside View

Inside View

This month, Paul Dunton tells us about local music fans David and Penny, who can help unlock your musical past

A few years ago I met local music fanatics David Ferdinando and Penny Robbins. They have been very supportive of the local scene, attending countless events at The Forum, The Grey Lady and Trinity Theatre. They recently agreed to kindly to be a co-sponsor of the thrice weekly Local Music by Candlelight showcases at The Grey Lady Music Lounge on The Pantiles. They live locally and run a really friendly, interesting business called Unlock My Past which offers a range of services including photo scanning, video transfer, cine conversion, vinyl and cassette upgrades to CD or MP3 and family history services linking your past, present and future. For music collectors this can be a really useful, particularly if you have records or cassettes that are not available on CD or MP3 then they can help you transfer them to CD, MP3 or a format of your choosing. Undertaking click, pop and hiss removal and providing an Audio CD (breaking down the tracks and tagging etc.) They can provide these as MP3 tracks and/or Audio CD.

David and Penny recently helped a DJ to recover all his old jingles and some of his old shows copied onto cassette back in the 1970s.

“Tapes are getting old and deteriorating and so it’s a good idea to convert these,” says Penny. “For example, perhaps you have audio histories from your family members and these too need to be converted before problems arise. As with all tapes (VHS and cassette as well as reel to reel) age takes its toll on the magnetic covering and as we discussed in our article about VHS tapes and their shelf life, the longer you leave it the worse it will get so now is the time to consider taking action.

“The first time I became involved with the local music scene was ten years ago when I first discovered the Local & Live Music Festival and was immediately hooked! It’s great to go to intimate venues such as The Grey Lady and The Forum and feel connected to the music and to see all the musicians grow and develop over the years. Just some of my favourite local acts include Poppy Raine, Charley Blue, Steffan James, Mystery Clarke, David Migden and the Twisted Roots, The Breretons, The Violet Jive, The Standard Lamps, Cyrano and Harley & Woods. As a local business we are thrilled to be involved with the Local Music by Candlelight Shows at The Grey Lady; we love supporting local music talent and it’s wonderful to know we are contributing to the local scene in some way and helping it to continue for many years to come.”