A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

Sandrine Gasnier, owner of Sandrine’s Pilates in Tunbridge Wells tell us what exercising every day for work is really like…

I came to Pilates with a back and neck injury. During my first pregnancy, I stayed in hospital for three months with severe back problems.

I have always been into sports; used to dance for TV shows, did karate, and my favourite was athletics, but as a competitive runner I always ended up with injuries. I decided to study physiotherapy at the Australian physiotherapy institute in Hong Kong 20 years ago. That is when I discovered Pilates on equipment.

I wake up at 6:30am. I stretch my hamstrings while still in bed and my lumbar spine and then need my espresso!
For breakfast I start my day off with a nutribullet containing spinach, celery, pears, almonds and red berries, and I scramble eggs.

I get dressed into my workout clothes before work. I’m not telling you how many outfits I own though, that’s like asking me how many bags or pairs of shoes I own, and a lady never tells!

Depending on what time I start, I will get to work 30 minutes before to prepare my classes, my props, equipment or my massage room. If I’m taking a class, I check who is in it and will design their class workout around their needs, and if I’m not teaching, I respond to emails, prepare the private room and the massage room.

Reformers and Chair classes are “la crème de la crème” but I am going to be biased and say that my favourite class is BarrePlus, as I created the method. It is such a functional workout as you work on your whole body. It is a great one to see fast results.

My other favourite is our Foam Roller class. Being a massage therapist, I have designed this class using trigger points and to work on challenging your core and body.

12:30 is usually my lunch hour. Being French I do like to eat proper cooked food for lunch. I do not do sandwiches and don’t do packed lunch either. I go home to have lunch or eat locally.

The problem of being an instructor at the studio is you do not do the exercises when you teach, as you are correcting people at all time, so to exercise, I join classes at the studio. I occasionally run too. I also do squats while brushing my teeth!

Most of our clients are regulars. I do go for coffee with my clients which I enjoy very much. It is very welcoming and friendly at the studio – it’s like a big family and people love meeting up afterwards.

If I work in the evening with consultations, private sessions or massages I will normally finish around 9:30pm. Then, I eat, as I am tired by then and need food and have a chat with my partner and my kids about their day.

Time out with your family is very important in order to be happy and healthy, but it can be challenging at times to find the right balance with raising five children and having a successful business. You just need to be organised and having a good support at work and at home. My business partner is my partner in life so it helps to share the same passion for Pilates. My son Alec, who is 20, is also helping in the business with marketing and organising the everyday structure of the studio and home. He is great with his brothers and sisters… and the dogs!