Summer inspiration from Rencraft

Top design tips from Kent based kitchen manufacturer Rencraft, on how to ensure a cool summer inspired space in your home



If you want to embrace the summer feeling in your kitchen then a cool colour scheme is essential. Pale, soft shades such as a cool off-white, a pale blue or a subtle grey all work with the natural light, helping it to bounce around and brighten every corner of the room. In turn, this helps the room to feel more spacious and less cluttered – enhancing the light, summery feel of your home.


It may sound obvious, but open up your windows or bi-folds and let the summer into your home! If you’re extending your kitchen then why not see if a skylight is an option? Even without large windows, get into the habit of opening the kitchen blinds or pulling back your kitchen curtains first thing every day. A room bathed in the warmth of early morning sunlight is a cheery space, full of anticipation and wonder at the day ahead.


Some materials are ‘cooler’ than others, so it’s important to consider this when selecting the materials you want to have in your kitchen. When it comes to worktops, for example, marble feels cooler to the touch than granite or quartz, which, in turn, both feel cooler again than wood.  When considering your handle choices remember that polished chrome is cooler in appearance than polished nickel which has a slightly warmer tone.


As well as your main kitchen ceiling lights or pendants, make sure your designer installs some under cabinet lighting as well. These will help to brighten even the darkest corners where natural light may find it hard to follow. For a sunnier feeling space you may prefer cool white light bulbs rather than warm white ones which have a more yellow hue and tend to lend a cosier ambience to a room.


While a summer inspired kitchen needs to appear light, bright and airy – a few key appliances will also ensure you are easily kept cool in the summer months too! A fridge freezer with an ice dispenser is bound to be a hit during a mini heatwave, while an integrated wine cooler is also a handy addition to any home. In the larder, why not add a marble cold shelf? This traditional pantry essential dates back to the days before fridges and can be useful for storing food items such as eggs that don’t necessarily need to go in the fridge but that benefit from being kept nice and cool.


While a cool colour palette with lots of off whites or pale greys will help to create a light, bright and airy feeling room, the occasional pop of colour can also add a subtle summer vibe too. Bold, citrus shades such as lime, orange or sunshine yellow (the clue is in the name) can be good choices for accessories such as blinds, tea towels or storage jars. While in our pictured kitchen we love the addition of the bright, turquoise bar stools which help to conjure up images of clear, sunny skies and endless summer holidays.