Bringing the outside in, with Rencraft

The recent flurry of warm weather has seen a surge of people uncovering their BBQ’s and inviting friends or family over to dine al fresco.

So if you’re looking forward to a summer of garden parties, now is the perfect time to think of ways to blur the boundaries between the outdoor and indoor areas of your home.

At Rencraft, we’ve noticed a growing trend for kitchens that ‘spill out’ on to the garden in the summer months – no doubt due to the rise in popularity of bi-folding doors – but what else can you do to seamlessly extend your kitchen in to the great outdoors?

If you’re planning a kitchen redesign and like the idea of using your space in this way then layout is a key thing to consider. A fridge freezer or wine cabinet located close to the garden doors makes it easy for guests to help themselves to a cold drink without having to traipse across the room.

It’s also useful to consider placing your dining table in this area too. Not only will you enjoy lovely views over the garden on the days when it’s still just a bit too chilly to sit outside, but you also have somewhere to present a selection of salads and sauces on those glorious afternoons when you’ve fired up the BBQ but want to keep more sensitive food items out of the glare of the sunlight.

Then there are the practical considerations too, such as how to transport all your cutlery inside without dropping half of it on the floor. Here at Rencraft we offer handmade solid wood cutlery inserts with handles which can easily be carried outside on sunny days or, indeed, through to the dining room on days when the British weather may have gotten the better of you.

Of course, there are also plenty of simple tricks you can use without redesigning the entire room. It may sound obvious, but adding a few potted herbs or some fresh cut flowers to your kitchen will help to smooth the transition between outdoor and in thanks to subtle summer scents and a hint of natural colour.
Or how about investing in some gingham tea towels or oven gloves? We defy you to look one in the eye without being transported to lazy picnics and sunny skies. Our idea of the perfect afternoon.
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