Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering Spirit

Based in the heart of Kent, Cindy Knight Clinic in Hildenborough provides a wide range of cosmetic treatments. We hear how Cindy and her key staff are here to help make your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible, ensuring you’re well informed, relaxed and happy with the results.

The Cindy Knight Clinic in its current format in Hildenborough has been here since 2004, but Cindy has been an aesthetic nurse since 1998 (when very few people were doing these sorts of treatments). She trained as a nurse in the NHS in 1984. Cindy learned aesthetics under the auspices of Dr Elisabeth Dancey (the original doctor in the television programme, 10 Years Younger) and Mr Mauricio De Maio, an eminent cosmetic surgeon from Brazil.

Since then, the clinic has gone from strength to strength, with Dr Jo and Nurse Dee joining the ranks. The clinic also has a therapist, Leah, and the Practice Manager, Diana. At the Cindy Knight Clinic, we ensure that we follow the highest standards when performing treatments on our clients. We attend annual conferences to bring our clients the latest evidence based treatments.

This brings us to what we actually do at the clinic. We perform the usual anti-aging treatments, including wrinkle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers for both volume and skin rejuvenation; we have had great results with the Restylane Skinboosters range. We also use chemical peels for skin rejuvenation and problems with acne and acne scarred skin, and perform microsclerotherapy for thread veins on the legs. We also remove skin lesions using various treatments, the latest being the CryoPen. We perform microdermabrasions, photo facials and live acne treatment using our IPL machine.

Our latest acquisition is the Soprano ICE laser, which is the latest FDA approved, pain free hair removal system. And yes, we do mean pain free! This is due to the cool tip system and in motion technology. It is suitable for all skin types, including tanned skin and Afro Caribbean skin. It can deal with fine and fair hair, as well as dark and course hair. The only hair it cannot treat is white hair, as there is no pigment. The Soprano ICE can also perform skin tightening using light therapy (NIR). We have been getting very good results in this regard. Some of our clients do not feel ready to have injectables and this really does give a lift to the sides of the face and the cheek area. It gives a non-invasive facelift.

Our clients also appreciate that we are accredited with the Save Face organisation. We were the second clinic in Kent to receive the accreditation and the third clinic in the UK. Save Face is an organisation that ensures that aesthetic clinics such as ourselves perform to certain standards. They visit each clinic to undertake an assessment, including interviewing the practitioner and inspecting the premises. The interview covers policies and procedures. As Cindy was a ‘pioneer’ in the aesthetics industry, the clinic passed with flying colours. We are also grateful to Save Face, as it acts as an audit for the clinic so that we give the best treatments and care to our clients.

We also like to keep up with technology. We are currently revamping our website – our first one went live over 12 years ago – and we have a Twitter and Facebook account. Plus, we have an app that can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. We are also a member of the Tonbridge Loyalty Club Scheme.

Cindy Knight Clinic
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