Feeling fine thanks to MFit

So Magazine’s Vikki Hyder visited MFit to find out more about their healing techniques




If you have ever suffered from digestion issues, or muscle and joint pain, you know how it can affect your life in a negative way, leaving you feeling out of sorts and miserable.  After many years of putting up with pain, and experimenting with weird and wonderful diets and exercise – not to mention the small fortune on alternative therapies, I finally found Michael at Mfit.

Michael’s work has been a godsend – by eliminating discomfort and pain within four to five sessions through a combination of techniques he has studied over the years here in the UK and on his travels in India.

I have always had slow digestion and this can make you feel sluggish and tired, with no energy.  Michael is the only person I have ever known to massage your stomach, explaining that people can hold tension in the abdomen area ,which can inhibit the digestive process.  I learnt my bellybutton piercing was causing the Linea Alba, which runs down the middle of the abdomen to tighten over time and restrict movement – so after many years (forgetting it was even there) I have now removed the piercing and the tightness is subsiding.

Michael also helped to relieve pain in my shoulder caused by years of being a nail technician. The repetitive strain and tightness was affecting my breathing.  So far the pain hasn’t returned, which has had a positive outcome on my overall heath.

I would highly recommend Michael for anyone who has digestive ailments like  Reflux, IBS,  Constipation and Joint Pain.  All of these symptoms can be helped using the massage techniques MFit studies.

Babies suffer from reflux problems too, causing them great discomfort – for help and advice on how to manage this, Michael is holding a Baby Reflux Workshop at Neal’s Yard Tunbridge Wells on July 8.  For details please contact Michael directly on 07766 675005.