Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion

Most of us are aware we should be checking our breasts, but many of us don’t. Why not? Well, actually, it’s often because we don’t really know how. So, we asked the Purity Bridge team for their top tips.

The Purity Bridge guide to checking your breasts

Once a month – two minutes – three steps

Expert Opinion Step 1

Step One – Look
■ Stand in front of the mirror
■ Look for unusual lumps or bumps
■ Look to see if a nipple is newly inverted
■ Slowly raise your arms above your head and look out for any skin dimpling or tethering
■ Also look for any fluid coming out of the nipple

Expert Opinion Step 2

Step Two – Feel
■ Lie down on your bed
■ Imagine the breast as a circle divided up into four quarters
■ Press and feel each breast quarter with the palm and fingertips of the opposite hand (so, right hand for left breast, left hand for right breast) in gentle circular motions to see if there are any lumps
■ Now, check around the nipple in the same way

Expert Opinion Step 3

Step Three – Move
■ Stand up and feel your breast again
■ Also feel your breasts with your arms above your head

If you have any concerns about your breasts, contact your GP straightaway, and they will be able to refer you to a specialist as required.

For more information about anything to do with your breasts, please get in touch with the team on 01892 536 960,email or visit