Ask The Stylists

Ask The Stylists

Gary Russell from The Chapel and makeup artist David Hynes are on hand to answer all of your hair and beauty dilemmas…

I never go to a hair salon but I’m getting married in three months and feel I should do something. I have booked a hair trial at my local salon. What should I expect and look out for?

Gary: Firstly, your stylist should want to know everything about you and your wedding. They need to know about your dress, your theme, your personality…even your fi ancé! If they don’t make you comfortable enough to share this information with them, move on and get another stylist.

When you’re comfortable enough with your stylist, ask for more than one style to get an idea of what you’re looking for. Remember, they’re the expert. Don’t be afraid to try new things and allow them to guide you. It’s just a trial after all.

Before you end your appointment, ask your stylist for tips on what you can do between now and your wedding to make your hair the best it can be.

Lastly, take lots of pictures from all angles so both remember how to achieve every little detail on your wedding day.

My hair is cropped, but my friends and mother keep telling me to grow it out to look more like a bride. But, I’m worried I’ll look like a mushroom. Can I be a bride and still be me?

Gary: Short answer: yes… and don’t listen to your friends or family! Short hair can look effortless and beautiful on a bride. If you want to push the boat out and see how far you can take it, think of a stunning 1920s waved and glossed look.

Your fiancé fell in love with you and got down on one knee, and obviously thinks you’re beautiful the way you are! Change your hair, only if you want to. Not to keep your mother happy. Would she change hers for you?

I’ve had two wedding trials by professional makeup artists but walked out of both looking like a clown. Do I really need a makeup artist? Can’t I just do my normal makeup routine that I’m happy with?

David: When it comes to bridal makeup, I always look at it as a holy trinity. 1. You must look like you, or what’s the point? 2. You must look absolutely beautiful. 3. This has to last all day…through the church, the pictures and on the dancefloor.

I’m sorry but your normal routine just won’t cut the mustard. You can do it yourself on the big day, but only with the right guidance. By the sounds of it, your last two makeup artists just weren’t listening to what you wanted. Keep persevering and find one who gets you. If you are confident that you can do the same job as them…go for it!

I’m getting married in the Caribbean and am concerned about what to do with my makeup. I never wear much while on holidays anyway, just a bit of bronzer. What do I do?

David: While on holidays, bare minimum is always best. After a few days your skin is sun-kissed, radiant and doesn’t need any covering.

The same rules should apply to your wedding makeup. Keep it barely there, but durable. Opt for lightweight but long-lasting base products. Use long-wear tinted moisturisers/concealers set with a HD powder and brighten the look up with pops of glowy cream blush.

With eyes and lips, aim for texture instead of detail. Long wear metallic shimmer shadows, waterproof eyeliners and mascaras will keep you picture perfect all day. For natural lips, make them glowy and glossy. For drama, opt for a vibrant, intense colour in a velvet matte.