Pan fried trout with pork jowl, peas & lettuce recipe

Pan fried trout with pork jowl, peas & lettuce recipe

This is very easy dish from The Bell in Ticehurst to prepare and cook; if the thought of curing a whole pork jowl puts you off use good store bought pancetta lardons in place of the pork cheek.

Pan fried trout with home cured pork jowl, peas and lettuce

(Serves 4)


  1. 4 Fillets of turbot
  2. 200gms Peas
  3. 1 Little gem lettuce
  4. 1 Pork jowl (if unavailable 150 gms pancetta will work)
  5. 50mls Chicken stock
  6. ½  Bunch parsley
  7. 25gms Butter
  8. Rapeseed oil, salt and pepper
  9. For the jowl per kilo of meat:
  10. 70gms salt
  11. 70gms caster sugar
  12. 10gms garlic, mashed
  13. 15 crushed black peppercorns
  14. 1 bunch of thyme


  1. To cure the jowl mix all the ingredients above, remove the skin and discard, place the jowl into a non-reactive container and rub the cure into it well. Leave in the fridge turning every day for 3-6 days, the jowl should be firm to the touch. After curing rinse the jowl well and hang in a cool dry place for 1-3 weeks to finish dry curing. (skip this if using pancetta)
  2. Slice up the jowl (or pancetta if using) into small ‘lardon’ style pieces and place in a warm pan. You will not need any oil. Whilst these are frying, lightly flour and season the turbot fillets. In a warm frying pan heat a little oil and place the turbot fillets in, making sure to place them away from you to avoid splashes of oil. The fish may curl slightly, leave the fillets for 2 minutes until the fibres have relaxed and then gently flatten the fish back towards the pan.
  3. In a separate sauce pan add the chicken stock, half the butter and the peas and bring slowly to the boil, moving all the time to incorporate the butter into the stock. Drain the jowl onto kitchen roll to remove excess fat and add to the chicken stock.
  4. When the turbot is golden brown on one side turn the fillets gently, adding the butter to the pan, allowing it to froth up. Lightly baste the turbot with the pan juices and then add the chopped lettuce and parsley to peas. Check the seasoning and allow the lettuce to wilt slightly.
  5. Place the turbot fillets and jowl (or pancetta) onto the plate, finish the peas with a splash of rapeseed oil and dress the peas over and around the turbot.
  6. Mashed or boiled potatoes would make an excellent accompaniment.